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Seco Bipod Replacement Lock Knob 1.125″


SECO Replacement Knob Lock, 1.125″, 1/2-13 thread

Item# D10967

SECO Replacement Knob Lock for Bipod/Tripod SECO Old Style Bipod Heads

Length: 1.125″

Threads: 1/2-13

Stainless Steel Threads

Works in Conjunction with the Screw Friction on old-style Bipod heads, Item# 5211-003,

Parts Fit Item#s 5217-04-XXX (old head style), 5219-03 (old head style), 5218-02-XXX, 5219-05, 5217-40-XXX, 5218-40-XXX, 5114-20-XXX, 5114-21-FLY

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Weight 0.00000000 kg


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