Our Story

Our Story

G4 Geomatic Resources has 4 locations with one of the 4 owners on-site at each location. Each owner is a former Leica Geosystems factory rep. The DFW office has been continuously led by Rodney Walsh since he and John Clark opened it in 2005. John now leads the Austin office which along with the San Antonio office led by Donnie Steele are the combination of Easy Drive Stake and the Surveying Department of Miller Blueprint which have been servicing Central and South Texas since 1950 and 1920 respectively. Rodney, John and Donnie all worked at Leica with Jeff Ryall who now leads the Houston office providing and supporting Leica Geosystems solutions as he has continuously since 1995.

G4 Geomatic Resources is a partnership of experienced personnel in surveying and construction positioning equipment in the state of Texas.

Geomatic Resources has been a Leica Geosystems dealer since 2005, led by John Clark in Austin and Rodney Walsh in Dallas, both of whom were Leica Geosystems employees. John was also the general manager of Easy Drive Stake, a leader in survey and construction supplies and equipment for more than 50 years, and one of Leica Geosystems’ largest construction dealers.

G4 Spatial Technologies has been a Leica Geosystems dealer since 2008, led by a former Leica Geosystems employee, Donnie Steele, and Bob Miller, founder of Miller Blueprint, both in San Antonio and Austin.

Jeff Ryall, with more than 25 years of industry experience and the leader of the Leica Geosystems Solution Center in Houston, joined the partnership to open the company’s newest office in Stafford, Texas.

The newly formed partnership, knowledge base, and geographic locations provide customers unsurpassed service and equipment positioning solutions across Texas and Oklahoma. We are hands-on and dedicated to the surveying and construction industry, providing state-of-the-art Leica Geosystems technology, field supplies, rentals, repair service, and dedicated technical support resources to ensure success with the new technology.