Training Videos

Training Videos

Leica Captivate: Measure Fore Site routine (Video 1 of 2) – Field Data collection to Extend control

Leica Infinity Office Software- Measure Fore Site Data (Video 2 of 2) Adjust collected data

How to Adjust the Level bubble on a Leica TPS and Seco GNSS survey pole

Leica Cs20 -GS18 : New GEB334 battery load Firmware Patch

Leica Traverse application for CS20 (or TS16-13-MS60 ): Intro Basic Settings (Video 1 of 4)

Leica Traverse Application for CS20 : Data collection of Traverse in Field (Video 2 of 4)

Leica Traverse Application CS20: Adjustment of Traverse in Field (Video 3 of 4)

Leica Traverse Adjustment: Infinity Office software (video 4 of 4)