What is DIR?

Texas Department of Information Resources or “DIR” manages all state contracts relating to technology equipment, software and services. Texas House Bill 1516 has made use of these contracts as mandatory for any TX State Executive agency, however the contract is widely used by many other public agencies in the State and teaming agreements with other State public agencies who do not have contracts in place for these particular technologies allows them to take advantage of these competitively awarded contracts.

G4GR DIR Contract No. DIR-CPO-4752

Products/Services Offered:

  • Robotic Total Statios
  • Manual Total Stations
  • UAV’S/Drones
  • 3D Laser Scanners
  • Data Collectors
  • Digital Levels
  • Survey/Design Software
  • Auto Levels and Laser Levels
  • Sales, Rental, Service, and Repair
  • Training and Support

Cooperative Contracts Program Overview