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Rolatape 415M Mechanical Metric Measuring Wheel


Disk wheels for measuring? Just get brush caught in your spokes one time and you’ll know one of the reasons the Rolatape 415 was developed. The 415 keeps you measuring accurately, down to the nearest inch, through the roughest conditions. Construction sites, geological field applications, engineering and trail-blazing all give the 415 a chance to shine.

Features / Benefits

All Steel Contruction

Heavy duty strength and durability

Solid steel disk wheel

Measures through brush without catching in spokes

Measurement units on disk circumference

Provides measurements in inches, tenths of feet or decimeters and centimeters

5-digit steel counter Records up to 100,000 feet or meters with convenient reset knob (Dual counters available)

Wheel Stand

Keeps wheel upright when not in use

Wheel brake

Transport to second site without losing existing measurement

Additional information

Weight 0.00000000 kg


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