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Nedo Industrial Elevating Tripod (Invertable)


Product Descriptions

The new Industrial Line shaft tripod was designed especially for the use of 3D laser scanners in shaft applications. In these applications, the 3D laser scanner is inserted from above through a shaft cover into the shaft compartment. A particular highlight of the new Nedo shaft tripod is its toothed column, which extends to almost any length.

Additional rack elements are inserted into the elevating head and securely connected to the previously inserted toothed column element with the aid of an innovative locking device. An additional securing feature prevents the toothed column from dropping out of the elevating head.

The Industrial Line elevating tripod is rated for heavy loads and has an indirect gear unit, allowing even heavy 3D laser scanners to be moved effortlessly. For even more comfortable handling, a special cordless screw-driver is available for flange connection to the shaft of the elevating gear.

The laser scanner can thus be positioned to the required working height at the push of a button. Another available accessory is a sturdy trolley with large and lockable wheels.

Additional information

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