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Leica C-Thrue Concrete Scanner w/Accessories


See thru concrete structures and reveal true data

The concrete scanner C-thrue is an easy-to-use and robust solution to see through concrete structures and reveal true data that lead to optimal decision-making. The solution is suited for all construction sites and operations including building renovation, overpasses, monuments, bridges and tunnels surveys, as well as for detailed analysis of the original engineering project and comparison with the as-built structure.

C-thrue offers more flexibility with no limitations for your analysis requirements, thanks to a compact and light telescopic pole and an external controller that can be easily transported on site in challenging locations or conditions (e.g. under a deck, under ceilings, over floors, on walls, etc…).The C-thrue external controller allows easier and faster data interpretation thanks to real-time data processing and representation of results in Augmented Reality for more efficient decision-making.

Features and Benefits:

  • Complete and efficient structural inspection
  • Detection of both, first and second layer of rebars, PT cables, power cables and voids, thanks to the dual antenna polarization.

  • Safe drill in the surveyed structure
  • Rebar/void automatic insight capabilities that improve safety before cutting or drilling into the concrete.

  • Fully-visible, multi-touch display
  • Data displayed on the screen are never obscured by the handle or the user’s hand.

  • Simplified data interpretation
  • Optimal decision-making supported by visualization of acquired data in 3D models.

  • Increased data accuracy
  • Automatic positioning and navigation system.

  • Advanced data visualization
  • Augmented reality for 3D data visualization and sharing across operators – in real time or intervals after acquisition.

  • Flexibility everywhere
  • Lightweight, compact and transportable system for every user operations and construction sites.

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