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Leica Rugby CLA-ctive Laser Level Basic


First Upgradable Lasers

The maximum flexibility and the ability to quickly adjust to the job’s needs is vital for your projects. With the Leica Rugby CLA-ctive and CLH you can upgrade your lasers to match your application needs. You pay for the functionality you need to do your job without paying for the extra features that you don’t use. With additional professional services such as repair and calibration you can secure your laser’s exceptional performance for many years.

Leica Rugby CLA-ctive

Covers all your application needs

With the unique capability to adapt to any application needs through software upgrades and onboard operation, the Leica Rugby CLA-ctive is the first upgradable laser to maximize productivity and performance on-site. The upgrade options deliver unmatched performance in any leveling, aligning, and squaring tasks, making it a real all-rounder.

PROTECT by Leica Geosystems

We protect your success

Our products provide a high level of reliability, accuracy, and robustness – even under the roughest job site conditions. They increase the productivity and success of our customers. With Protect by Leica Geosystems, we offer a best-in-class service where customers can count on us anytime, anywhere.

* The CLC Combo is required to operate and/or change these features/functionalities

Function CLX250 CLX500 CLX600 CLX700
Horizontal Plane
Self-leveling +-6°
Accuracy +-10″
Head Speed 10 RPS
Power Safe Mode 7 RPS
Battery Operating Time 50h
HI Alert √* √* √* √*
Head Stall Alert
Temperature Alert 50° C
Head Speed 0, 2, 5, 10, 15 RPS
Temperature Stability Control 2°C, 5°C, off √* √* √* √*
Beam Masking √* √* √* √*
Manual Slope Dual Grade 8%
Single Semi Auto Grade, Dial in 8%
Dual Semi Auto Grade, Dial in 8%
Single Auto Grade Dial in 15%
Dual Auto Grade Dial in 15%
Auto Axis Alignment √* √*
Slope Catch / Lock √* √* √* √*
Field Calibration √* √* √* √*
Laydown / Vertical Plane
Beam Catching / Scanning 10°, 45°, 90° √* √* √*

** Standard software delivered with your laser

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