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Keson Digital Box Beam Level 48″


Strongest Profiles, best vials. Box Beam levels are best levels for general construction. They combine the highest available accuracies, acrylic vials, high durability, and have high scores on ease of use. Box Beam Levels are more expensive, and significantly more durable than I-Beam levels.


  • Heavy Profile Weight: Ensures heavy usage and accidental abuse do not compromise the performance of the level
  • Two-Material End Caps: protect the level from damage due drops
  • Single Measuring Surface: Ensures highest accuracies and best user experience. Users are cued to which surface to use with a single milled surface.
  • Tension-Wedge Vial Mounting: Self-compensates for temperature changes.  There is no better method for mounting vials within a level profile.


  • Greater Contrast: Makes it easier to see the bubble, easier to determine its position, faster to take a level measurement
  • 20% Magnification: Makes its easier to see the bubble, easier to determine its position, faster to take a level measurement
  • Superior Fluid: Ensures you can work in any environment without interruption or inconvenience
  • Anti-Static: Bubble is unaffected by electricity
  • Extreme Temperature Range: Bubble is unaffected by too cold or too hot temps
  • Anti-Shock Action: Bubble retains its integrity or returns to its shape more readily


  • Measuring tolerance module:0.05° at 0° and 90°0.1° between 1° and 89°
  • Adjustable inclination display in °, % and mm/m
  • “Hold” function for storing measured values and for transferring angles
  • Audible signal guidance in difficult visible conditions
  • Ease to see with reversible display for inverted measurements.
  • Protection class IP65 keeps the electronics  safe from the environment.

Includes Carrying Case


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