ChrisNik True PlumbModel Number: 16TPL2000Surveyors across the country have found True Plumb to be an invaluable quality control device. A compact, easy and convenient way to test and adjust your rod in just seconds. Adjusts all brands of prism rods.


  • Even with all of today’s expensive precision equipment and advanced technology, your survey is only as accurate as your rod is plumb.
  • Using the True Plumb, you can rotate your pole 360 degrees to check if it is bent.
  • The True Plumb is made with a precision universal joint.
  • It will also adjust hand held level bubbles.
  • Mount and use, no assembly required (mounting screws are included).
  • 5/8 x 11 thread is standard.
  • Can be used with fixed height 2 meter poles and regular prism poles