This past Easter weekend, I took a trip back to Amarillo to visit family and decided to take the Leica RTC360 Scanner with me. I even convinced my nephew to help me. Luckily because the RTC360 is so compact; it didn’t take any extra room in my trunk. I wanted to scan a neat landmark in Amarillo, so I decided to stop at the Cadillac Ranch.

The Cadillac Ranch is a public art piece that sits in a cow pastor off I-40 just located outside of the City limits. The art piece consists of 10 Cadillac vehicles (1949-1963) half way buried in the ground in a straight line. The Cadillac’s are full of graffiti and visitors are encouraged to paint the vehicles.

The RTC360 is one of the easiest pieces of surveying equipment I have ever deployed. I was able to scan the entire site in under 45 minutes. I used an IPad with the Cyclone Field 360 application to operate the RTC360, but I also had the option to use the onboard software as well. Cyclone Field 360 is very user friendly and made it easy to train my nephew. After a couple of setups, he was running the iPad and I was moving the Scanner. Also, the scanner has a built-in IMU which compensates for tilt which allows the user to not level up the instrument in each setup (that saves a lot of time..NO LEVELING).

The RTC360 has VIS technology that tracks your movement between scan setups to pre-register the point clouds out in the field. Once you verify the point cloud link, the scans are registered and this is all done in the field. To help with all the visitors that where walking around the public site, I used the double-pass feature; which allowed the RTC360 to filter out all moving objects. The RTC360 collects 2 million points per second. The scan time is about 2 minutes per scan which also included HDR images.This was a neat site to scan and was interesting with all the visitors moving around the site. I was glad that I was able to introduce my nephew into surveying. Also, I might have persuaded him to become a surveyor! If you are inserted in demoing or have questions about the RTC360, please reach out!

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