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Leica Zeno Mobile is an Android app available on selected Android phones and tablets. The aim of Zeno Mobile is to keep things simple whilst still offering the user a host of professional data capture functions to increase productivity in the field.

When paired with the Leica GG04 plus smart antenna, Zeno Mobile captures points, line and polygon data down to 1 centimeter accuracy in even the most demanding GNSS environments.

Smart device independence

Leica Zeno Mobile is an Android app that will run on selected phones and tablets with Android v5.0 or higher. The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) approach gives you a wider choice of hardware platforms that, in combination with the FLX100 smart antenna, allows to tailor your handheld solution adapted to your needs.

Data capture made easy

Interaction with Zeno Mobile is simple and intuitive, providing advanced functionality without the need for extensive training. Different versions of Zeno Mobile are available depending on your needs. The app supports a wide range of GIS and CAD data formats that can be easily imported or exported.

Save time in the field

Zeno Mobile saves you time in the field by enabling you to capture more data more quickly. Data collection projects can be setup on the fly without the needs for other software. Capture multiple features at the same time using the multi-collect function and connect to external devices such as cable locators to increase your productivity.

Smart antenna connectivity

Using Bluetooth on your Android device the Leica GG04 plus smart antenna can obtain high accuracy GNSS positions. When using HxGN SmartNet technology in combination with the GG04 plus you can achieve accuracies of down to 1 centimeter. With the power of smart antenna technology, you can capture high accuracy data anywhere without limits.

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