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Leica CloudWorx for BricsCAD



Leica CloudWorx for BricsCAD provides users with a route to begin modeling or creating linework from point clouds stored in Leica Cyclone or Leica JetStream, directly within BricsCAD.

CloudWorx for BricsCAD returns major time savings for firms of any size, allowing users to work smarter, not harder, to achieve professional level results. Smart automation brings speed and simplicity to the most common workflows with tools, such as:

  • Auto Linework Assist
  • Floor Flatness/Floor Levelness routines
  • Steel and piping catalogues to efficiently add objects to a project

Professional Results

CloudWorx for BricsCAD includes a professional toolset encompassing the full range of CloudWorx point cloud capabilities, including:

  • Automatic linework
  • Built in Floor Flatness/Floor Levelness repots to ASTM standards
  • Piping and steel catalogues to speed projects to completion

Simple collaboration

When paired with Leica JetStream, CloudWorx for BricsCAD allows users across the office or around the world to collaborate on a project seamlessly. Access saved clips and limit boxes and sync versions to prevent redundant, outdated copies of data from causing confusion and inefficiency.

Seamless integration

Leica CloudWorx is integrated seamlessly with BricsCAD to shorten the learning curve for working with point cloud data. Access all the added features of CloudWorx along with the native tools in BricsCAD. Simply load a Cyclone or JetStream project or LGS file and instantly begin working with all your points in BricsCAD.

InterCAD workflows

CloudWorx users benefit from seamless project access between all CloudWorx product plug-ins. Work with CloudWorx project files saved from any plug-in to easily switch between programs and access features unique to each software.

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